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Optimal Bidding of Virtual Power Plants



In their article “Optimal Bidding of a Virtual Power Plant on the Spanish Day-ahead and Intraday Market for Electricity" [1], David Wozabal and Güther Rameseder, develop a multi-stage stochastic program to optimize the bidding strategy of a virtual power plant operating on the Spanish spot market for electricity. In the Spanish market, electricity is sold on the day-ahead market and on six staggered auction-based intraday markets. Uncertainty enters the model via stochastic electricity prices as well as uncertain wind power generation. The authors conduct an extensive out-of-sample comparison the demonstrates that the optimal decision obtained with QUASAR® outperforms several other strategies, including deterministic planning, pure day-ahead trading, as well as a proprietary stochastic programming approach developed by an industrial partner.

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[1] Wozabal D, Rameseder G. 2020. Optimal bidding of a virtual power plant on the Spanish day-ahead and intraday market for electricity. European Journal of Operational Research 280(2), 639-655.