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Client Presentation: Energieallianz Austria


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In this presentation, Dr. Elke Moser explains how Energieallianz (formerly e&t), an energy trading house in Vienna (Austria), used QUASAR to develop a custom-made solution for optimizing bids for the German-Austrian auction for balancing reserves.

The solution integrates a medium-term model with a short-term model. The medium-term model considers operation of a reservoir chain in Lower Austria over several months under uncertainty of prices and inflows. Shadow prices from the medium-term model then enter the short-term model in the form of water values. The short-term model is then used to optimize dispatch decisions under uncertainty of spot prices and reserve activation.

The development is a good example of how energy quants and operations research experts can use QUASAR to develop their own stochastic programming models, without having to bother with how to solve the underlying stochastic-dynamic optimization problem.

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